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Our solution

Foster Connected Leadership

Lebra serves as your central hub for engaged leadership. With seamless integrations and intuitive design, Lebra empowers you to ensure every employee feels valued and heard.

Empowering Educational Leaders

In the world of education, connection and culture are key. Lebra for schools brings administrators, principals, and teachers a tailored solution for building a supportive academic culture.

With tools for AI-powered teacher evaluation and personalized communication, Lebra strengthens the fabric of educational institutions and promotes a culture of inclusivity and academic excellence.

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Empowering Educational Leaders
Our platform

Our platform

Harnessing AI for
Empathetic Leadership

At Lebra, we blend cutting-edge AI with an understanding of the human touch. Our platform assists leaders in managing workforce relationships while fostering a culture that values each employee.

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Reconnect Reminders

Never miss a beat – Lebra reconnect reminders help you re-engage and ensure regular check-ins with reports across your organizations.

AI Assist

Lebra is your AI-powered co-author for crafting emails and agendas that resonate. Save time and inspire action with communications that count.

A Birds’ Eye View

Gain perspective Lebra’s interactive org chart, which maps reporting structure and your last last interaction. Stay engaged with the relationships that matter.

A Handwritten Touch

A Handwritten Touch In an age of digital overload, a handwritten note stands out. Lebra facilitates this personal touch by allowing leaders to craft and send notes with a human feel, directly from the platform.

Whether it's a word of thanks, recognition, or encouragement, Lebra helps make it memorable.

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Handwritten Touch

An Essential Tool for Modern Leadership

Elevate your organization’s leadership with unmatched visibility, efficiency, and security.

Our Commitment to Data Security and Privacy

Trust in Lebra's commitment to security. With end-to-end encryption and, your sensitive information remains protected and never disclosed to third parties.

Lebra’s commitment to data security and privacy
A Culture of Recognition
A Culture of Recognition

Celebrate successes and milestones with Lebra's
recognition tools. Acknowledge your successes,
motivating your team and strengthening your culture.

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Lebra Mobile App
Take Lebra on the Go

Lebra's app keeps you in sync with team milestones and
personal notes — celebrate, jot down, and remember
where you left off effortlessly. All on your phone.

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Streamlined Data Integrations

Lebra synchronizes with your HRIS, email, and calendar systems, serving as a central hub. By consolidating critical data points, Lebra provides a clear timeline of interactions with each staff member.

Ensure you're always informed and up-to-date. Make well-informed decisions and maintain a consistent and supportive presence for your team.

Streamlined Data Integrations

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