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Build stronger relationships

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  • Personalize outreach with AI
  • Email and Calendar Integration
  • AI-generated summaries of interaction history
  • Data Import from CSV file
  • Web and Mobile (iOS and Android) apps
  • Bulk email functionality
  • Connection goals and reminders
  • Support for organizations of 1,000 or fewer employees


Do more with a connected workforce

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  • Integrate your data with regular syncs via SFTP
  • Priority support
  • Lebra AI assistant context on your organization
  • Handwritten Cards
  • Unlimited AI Assistant usage
  • Support for organizations of 1,000 or more employees


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Lebra stands out by offering a combination of integrations, AI-driven personalized recommendations, and a user-friendly interface designed to enhance leadership engagement effectively and efficiently.

Most clients observe noticeable improvements in employee connection within the first month of implementing Lebra.

Lebra only requires basic employee data, like name, title, email and start date, from your existing systems to start delivering insights and value.

Absolutely, Lebra is designed to support remote, in-office, and hybrid teams, making it an ideal solution for today’s flexible work environments.

Yes, Lebra offers scalable solutions that can be customized as your organization grows. You can add features and expand your user base as needed.

Lebra is scalable and can support organizations of any size, from small startups to large enterprises.

Lebra uses AI to deliver recommendations, summarize last interaction, draft emails, and create agendas. You can also chat with the Lebra AI Assistant, which can assist with a wide variety of tasks while being aware of your organization hierarchy, last interactions, and employees.


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